Tips for marine projects

Listed below you will find some tips that will help you as you consider your next marine project whether it is a boat cover, bimini top or another type of canvas cover.

1. Boat covers are made out of different types of fabric. We will recommend the right fabric for you based on different factors. For example, we may recommend a lighter weight fabric for your boat if it 25′ long to make it easier for you to handle. Venting of fabrics is also important.

2. The thread that is used in your canvas project determines the life of the product. Weuse a very heavy duty uv resistant thread.

3. Did you know you can request light duty snaps? If regular snaps present a hardship for you, ask your seamstress to substitute light duty snaps.

4. Canvas should be cut with a hot knife that seals the edges of the fabric. If the fabric is not cut with a hotknife, it will ravel.

5. Plastic vents on the top of your Aqualon cover will reduce the amount of repairs needed. Cloth covers for your mooring poles rip out easier.

6. Do you have that one snap on your cover that just won’t snap? Ask us for a snap extension. These little webbed accessories snap to the cover and then to the boat offering you an extra inch.

7. Does water pool on the sundeck portion of your boat? We can supply you with a small prop to assist efficient draining off of your cover.

8. When you wash your cover use a regular detergent, (Dawn works well) and avoid bleach as it weakens the thread.

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